Brasil Plural Securities LLC
Providing clients with opportunities and flows.
Brasil Plural Securities is an independent division of the Brasil Plural Group, offering a complete platform of financial products and services for institutional investors, companies and individuals. The brokerage is client centered and success oriented. Its experienced team, operating for more than a decade, pioneered in market formation, is known for its expertise in rebalancing BM&FBovespa indexes.

The brokerage is supported by the operational robustness of the Brasil Plural Group, which maintains one of the fastest and most reliable technological platforms in the industry, also featuring exclusive teams devoted to equity research and macroeconomics analysis.

Brasil Plural Securities LLC is member FINRA, NFA and SIPC.
A complete platform for institutional investors and retail clients.
Brasil Plural Securities has a committed and innovative experienced team, which invests in new talents, and is dedicated to developing new services, products, order-routing and post-trading solutions tailored to each client´s specific needs.

Sales & Trading
Brasil Plural Securities´ in-depth knowledge of market dynamics and state-of-the-art connectivity provide local expertise and access to competitive prices across all equities products and future contracts for both Brazilian and foreign clients.
Latest technologies give customers Direct Market Access (DMA) with low latency and algorithmic trading strategies.

Market Making
Seasoned market-makers are focused on increasing the book depth on both sides and are actively serving buyers and sellers in the market during the whole session.
Brasil Plural has a seasoned trading team that pioneered market-making in Brazil, with a track record of single-stock market-making in over 80 companies.
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